We are all responsible for Group assets that are under our control. These assets include business opportunities, funds, property, proprietary information, and personal equipment (such as mobile devices, computers and access rights to our IT infrastructure).

We take appropriate precautions to prevent damage, misuse or theft of our assets and endeavour to ensure that anyone working for Xstorage does not use its assets for personal benefit.

Use of information systems

All Xstorage information systems and the data stored in them, regardless of location, are the property of Xstorage. Xstorage’s data and information systems are vital resources and must always be used responsibly.

Personal information and privacy

We only collect and retain personal information that is reasonably necessary to meet business requirements, and as permitted by law.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property (IP) is information owned by Xstorage. IP includes patent rights, trademarks, copyright, design rights, database extraction rights, rights in know-how or other confidential information and rights under IP-related agreements.

We protect our IP assets as well as our physical assets. IP infringement means unauthorised access or use by workers, customers, suppliers and competitors, including anyone using any Group name or brand without approval.