We have detailed management policies and programmes that ensure our services meet regulatory requirements and our own quality standards and our customers’ needs.




XSTORAGE S.A., a Logistics Company that provides services for the reception, storage and dispatch of liquid fuels, assumed the commitment to define its Quality Management Policy as:


  • Exceed the expectations of our customers, providing safe, innovative and efficient logistics and storage solutions, always working towards the continuous improvement of our processes.


  • Detect, analyse and evaluate the requirements and expectations of the interested parties, the risks and opportunities, as well as the relevant internal and external issues to fulfil our strategic purpose.


  • Honour the commitments made, and comply with the legal requirements and other applicable pertinent requirements.


  • Caring for and protecting the environment, as a main value of our company.


  • Promote professional growth through the development of skills and technical training of our work team, guaranteeing a cooperative, inclusive, proactive environment with a strong sense of commitment and responsibility.


The Management of XSTORAGE S.A. is in charge of the application of this policy in the company,
committing themselves to supply all the necessary resources so that the personnel know, share and watch over its fulfilment.


Buenos Aires, September 2019.
José Luis Musso